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Be part of the 12th international team in a workcamp of the German Red Cross!

Team Rotkreuz-Akademie vogelsang ip

Tel: 02444 9149136

Vogelsang 41
53937 Schleiden

03. August - 18. August 2024

Study, work and make friends meeting young people (18-26) from all over the world and enjoy a great time.
You and your team will be working in and around the Red Cross Museum.
You will explore the nature of the Eifel National Park as well as the meaning of Peace and Humanity working with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Visit the former German capital Bonn, the Museum of German History, the famous City of Cologne at the river Rhine and the City of Aachen at the Belgium and Dutch border.

Your input: interest in different cultures, people and working for peace. Enjoying physical work, sufficient English language skills.

email us: ipc@drk-eu.de

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